Check Your Size

Getting the right ring size is really important.

A multisizer band or paper strip will give an approximate size.

For precise measurement we can loan professional ring sizers.

If you know your size in any scale (UK, European, American) that's fine!
Don't know your size? We can send you a free MULTISIZER - click here.
For precise measurement, order your rings and ask for to borrow our professional ring sizers.

How to secretly find out your partner's ring size for wedding rings and a secret engagement ring

It's best to try ring sizers at different times of day and at different temperatures.
Keep the ring sizer on for a few minutes to confirm it is the right size for you.
Ensure you have a fit that is both comfortable and secure.

For our professional ring sizers please order your rings first and then contact us - click here.
If you're outside of Great Britain and Northern Ireland we will discuss with you the best way to confirm your sizes.
Selecting the right size is important. A free MULTISIZER is a good way to check - click here.

Use a multisizer, plastic band ring sizer, to secretly measure your patner's ring size for an engagement ring

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Secret Sizing

How to secretly measure your partner's ring size? You've decided to pop the question: "Congratulations!" Now you need to find out what size engagement ring is right for your partner. It is tricky to measure their size without them knowing but here are six suggestions.

◼ Free Multisizer - We can send you, with our compliments, a multisizer measuring band. Your partner will need to try it on and adjust it to the correct fit. To disguise your interest pass the multisizer to a friend or family member and ask them to initiate measuring ring sizes "for fun". You could tell your partner you are thinking of buying a ring for a friend or relative and they can assist as a "hand model". Or drop a hint that you are investigating getting them a smart ring or fitness tracker ring as a gift.To request a free multisizer click here

◼ Matching Rings - For a guaranteed fit start with an engagement ring for yourself. First, we measure your finger and make a ring in your size which you use for the proposal. You can then share it while we measure your partner and make the second ring in exactly their size. Both rings will be a perfect fit and your other half, should they wish, can amend the design of the ring we make for them.

◼ Existing Ring - If your partner already has a ring on their left ring finger you can measure that. Slip it on your finger (a bigger one) and carefully mark where it stops. Then adjust a multisizer to correspond with the same position. Or use a conical wax candle which leaves an indentation behind.

◼ Local Jeweller - Enlist the help of a friend who can "spontaneously" suggest that you all get your ring sizes measured by a local jeweller, again, "just for fun".

◼ Ring Swap - If you have a few friends who wear rings you can get together and have a group try on. If one is a good fit for your partner's ring finger then we can measure the size of that ring. Just in case, have a multisizer ready as a back-up.

◼ Proposal Ring - You could present a symbolic "proposal ring" which is a simple, narrow, lightweight band. For this we only need your best estimate of your partner's size. Immediately after the "Yes!" we can determine the size needed for the formal engagement ring. And the proposal ring can be kept as a memento, worn on a neck chain, or it can be resized to fit. To order a proposal ring please contact us - click here.

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