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Based in the UK, we work with couples around the world.

Simply fall in love with one of our designs and we'll do the rest.

Beautiful rings delivered internationally.

International lgbt gay lesbian wedding rings new zealand, australia, canada, USA, france, spain, ireland, norway, sweden, denmark, spain, portugal, eire, finland, iceland and worldwide

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First may we wish you "many congratulations". We know love is love the world over!

As husband and husband we would like to welcome you to the WOOLTON & HEWITT collection of fine and fabulous wedding rings and engagement rings.

We are very pleased to offer a specialist jewellery service to LGBTQ+ couples, in fact to all couples, around the world. Our promise is to work with you to create your perfect wedding and engagement rings - rings to fall in love with!

Woolton and Hewitt Gay diamond wedding and engagement rings delivered to New Zealand, USA, Canada and more

  • Step 1

Choose the design you love from our collection and then let us know the details. You can use the main "Contact Us" at the top of our website, or the "Contact us about this ring" button that's under the description of each ring.

Note: Some countries do not allow jewellery to made of 9ct (375) gold. For example this applies to Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Serbia and the USA. You can opt for 18ct (750) gold or, for most designs, we can offer 14ct (585) gold. Let us know which you prefer. For "white" colour rings palladium 950 and platinum 950 are options too.

  • Step 2

We'll work through any questions so you'll have complete confidence in the process. If you wish we can hold a Skype or Zoom video meeting to show you the rings you love. We'll then be able to send you a quotation/invoice including delivery by insured international courier.

Note: You will be responsible for paying import duty, customs processing fees and any local taxes such as VAT. These costs are not included in our price and will be billed to you, upon importation, by the courier company and/or your Customs authority.

  • Step 3

Payment can be made by a bank transfer (using online banking or in-branch). All the details will be shown on your quotation/invoice. When cleared funds are received we will send you an order confirmation and receipt.

  • Step 4

As a guide, depending on the design, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to create your rings. You should allow a further 10-14 days for shipping. To be on the safe side we suggest ordering your rings 8 to 12 weeks before your wedding or proposal date.

Woolton and Hewitt Gay rainbow wedding and engagement rings delivered to Australia, Spain, Finland, Norway, Denmark and more
We think choosing your wedding and engagement rings should be a very special experience. We will ensure it is exactly that, just as we have for many fabulous couples around the world.

We hope very soon to be making beautiful rings for you that symbolise your love.

Please enjoy viewing our collection.

With love

We'd like to express our congratulations to the peoples and parliaments of Australia, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Iceland, Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Republic of Ireland (Eire), England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, many British Overseas Territories, Spain, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, South Africa, many states in Mexico, the Faroe Islands and Austria for introducing equal marriage for gay and lesbian couples. See our gay marriage world map.

Photo of our Showroom location in BerkhamstedWoolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage Woolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage Woolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage Woolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage Woolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage Woolton & Hewitt rings for gay weddings and same sex marriage